A Point of View and an Invitation from Maria Dowd

Observation… Society is hammering women. Lest we forget: the president of our United States is a proud, card-carrying, self-proclaimed “pussy grabber.”

That’s it…No more pussyfooting around with our reality. Far too many guys in key leadership positions are sleeping soundly at night (unless they’re up tweeting) knowingly promoting gender and racial disparities…a double wammy for women of color.

They’re perfectly fine with the fact that women continue to earn just 56 to 77 cents on their dollar. Let’s do the math…that averages close to $500K in unrealized income in most women’s lifetime!

Furthermore, these guys are okay with wrecking havoc on our already inequitable health care system, warehousing children into pissy-poor (to use my grandmother’s term) school environments aka “prep school” for prison and urban/rural decay, feeding us chemicals-disgusted-as-food, pitting religion against religion…

… And, grabbing our crotches (literally and figuratively) anytime they damn well please, then sticking a microphone into the face of an unenlightened “YES woman” – who becomes “our” voice mindlessly doling out hall passes while these boys run wild lifting girls’ dresses.

I once had a [drunken] boss crawl under a conference table to peer between my legs. I was in my 20s. What’s your story?.

“Don’t be so uptight. Boys will be boys. They were just kidddddding.”


A woman’s quality of life is nothing to kid around with. We’re over being the butt of foul antics, lack of humanity, care only for bottom line profits, and dancing around deep pools of hypocrisy hidden behind the backs of unconscious people who don’t know any better than help fuel this global warming climate of “woman-shaming.”

Are you ready?

This is an open invitation to collaborate with us – to join the My Amazing LYFE Women’s Empowerment Movement. It’s time to link arms and bring YOU and YOURS into a dynamic community of high-octane coaches, mentors and advocates who passionately live to share, support and provide proven solutions that stand toe-to-toe with the challenges women face daily.

The first tier of the My Amazing LYFE Movement is the launch of our life-transforming learning platform where the all-important inner-work is done. Every woman has at least one area of her life she longs to elevate, improve, expand: love, money, health, family life, business, career. There’s a lot of power within us to be unleashed. We’re building the platform to usher this UNLEASHING process into something powerfully enlightening…and liberating.

One is not in bondage to the past, which has shaped our feelings, to race, inheritance, background. All this can be altered if we have the courage to examine how it formed us.
We can alter the chemistry provided we have the courage to dissect the elements.” Anaïs Nin

Through the My Amazing LYFE Map coursework, you’ll emerge with a holistic game plan – to guide your personal and professional development pursuits – to break through what may be getting in the way of living an even richer, more fulfilling life.

To breathe life into and powerfully activate your game plan, we’ve got an entire brigade of powerhouse coaches and mentors ready to serve and support you in achieving your goals and living your life out loud… and unbridled. Plus, a community of like minds to share, encourage and celebrate your successes

We’re CROWDFUNDING this Movement for a very specific reason: Collaboration accelerates getting more things accomplished in a more profound, far-reaching way.

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” Mother Teresa

We invite you to say YES to joining the My Amazing LYFE Movement, to support women realize the quality of life you may already have, yet feel more women and their families deserve.

LYFE = Live. Your. Freedom. Every Day!


Our Children Safe, Secure, Well-Educated and Prepared for Life

We want our children to be loved, protected and enriched at home and in school by parents, teachers and administrators who deeply care and fiercely advocate for their well-being, happiness and promising futures. We want our children to truly enjoy learning in safe, engaging, inspired, peaceful, progressive, well-equipped environments that universally encourage and provide positive outlets for children to reach and surpass their potential.

Awaken Each Morning Feeling on Top of the World and in Control of our Destiny

We want to rise each day feeling highly energized, immensely loved, well supported, empowered, physically healthy, emotionally fueled and overflowing with gratitude because we have a crystal-clear vision of how our day will progress, and what our future beholds. We want to awaken each morning feeling our Divinity, power, ease and peace, knowing that we’re living our lives per God’s perfect design…with absolute clarity of mind, heart and action.

Freedom to Love and Be Loved Boundlessly and Masterfully

Women want to enjoy the kind of love that’s open, honest and divinely expressed, beginning within ourselves. We want to be free to adore our beauty that transcends the trappings that society pushes on us, to experience self-love so deeply rooted and absolute, we’re attuned and therefore unmoved when false, pained love shows up. We want pure, nurturing, chivalrous, sacred love that continuously evolves inside of trust, harmonious communication and shared values.

Safe Harbors to Thrive… And Not Merely to Survive

Whether in the workplace, classroom, neighborhood, campus or social setting, women want to feel a safe, organic, bias-free sense of belonging, equal treatment, and access to avenues that elevate our quality of life, and to realize economic gains on par with our male counterparts. We want our contributions recognized, our body protected, our beliefs honored and the way we experience life as a woman – and as a woman of color – taken seriously. We want free and clear opportunity to advance and prosper… so we can live and play our dream life on our terms….joyfully and purposefully.