Superhero Parenting Part 1: Age 0 to 12

By Maria Dowd | Creator and Catalyst |

Being a superhero for your children doesn’t require super powers. It simply required dedication to being great parents who gives their time, care, love, compassion, energy, involvement, emotional, spiritual and financial support. It starts with setting the intention of being the best possible parent for your children, and their unique needs, gifts and ages.
The Early Years: Spread Love

The first five years of a child’s life are the most
crucial for a number of reasons. Not only do kids
learn who their family is but they also pick up on
their loved ones’ habits.

Since parents are the people your little one sees more often than
any other family members, you can count on them to mimic your
Speaking of compassion, did you know that you are your children’s
teachers when it comes to love? Well, you are.

Various studies
show that children
who feel heard, and
are given hugs and
kisses from their
parents on a daily
basis are more
likely to pass on the
love to other kids .

These children are more willingly to share their toys with peers and more than likely will not bully others. The amount of love that you give a child during the early years of growth, essentially, creates the type of person that they will be in coming years.

Enrich your children’s life by practicing daily habits that will grow their capacity to love learning.

Read to them daily. Have compassionate, loving conversations. Expose them to wonderful outside enriching activities and really want to give your children the very best that their parents and extended family have to offer. And, I don’t mean THINGS…I mean EXPERIENCES. And, this is not a function of money, but more a function of a deep desire to afford them quality time and your creativity.

Growing your children’s capacity to live their lives fully and successfully starts with your commitment to creating an enriching life for them.

Coming Years: Elementary School
First grade is when kids get a real sense of how school will be for the next twelve years, and where
parents are exposed to another stage of their children’s lives. They are no longer with you all day, and it seems that the teacher is more aware of your kids than you are. During these times it is important to do the following:

Get to know your children’s teachers well. Your child should feel good and have nice things to say about their teachers.

Ensure that you clearly understand what’s going on in your child’s classroom. Their teachers may be amazing POSITIVE INFLUENCERS. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some teachers could be doing more harm than good by TYPECASTING your child without really knowing your child. What praises and/or criticisms are you hearing from both your child and their teacher?

Be the parent that everyone can count on to care and be engaged in their children’s well-being, success and happiness.

Be keenly aware of the changes
brought about by peer pressure and
other aspects of schooling

Watch for anything that feels unsettling to you. Listen intently to your children, read body language, look them in the eye and really see their facial expressions. Listen to a teacher’s suggestions oncerning your child and take action when their observations coincide with things that you have noticed.

Your child is no longer a baby and
should be treated like the growing
boy or girl that he or she is.

While there is nothing wrong with showering your kids with love, you should understand the difference
between affection and domination, over-indulgence and being overly lenient. Your elementary school student needs room to grow, make friends, and learn to take responsibility for their success a school…and in life.

Monitor the company that your children are keeping.

While first graders tend not to have a large problem with attracting the wrong crowd, older children in elementary school do sometimes manage to befriend children whose upbringing may not align with your values and parenting skills. Hurt children hurt. And, you want to know if your children’s friends are hurting inside. This is why it is so important for you to know who your children’s friends are along with the parents who care for them. Your child may show embarrassment, but you will be saving him or her a lot of heartache in middle school. Statistics show that kids who become friends in elementary school, especially the first grade, often remain buddies for life.

Start planning early for your
children’s college education and
overall experience.

Envision higher education for your children, even if it wasn’t your experience. Simply put, college educated adults out-earn those without. And, rich college experiences opens wider opportunities to live a more expansive, amazing life.
Young adults who are heavily burdened with student loan debt and making ends meet comprise their health, overall well being and quality of life.

Explore powerful, yet easily managed ways to start funding college now – no matter what age your children are.

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