Top Reasons Why Need to Get Over
Avoiding Life Insurance…and Make It Happen NOW.

By Maria Dowd

5 Top Reasons Why People Avoid Buying Life Insurance

  • The subject matter of death is very unpleasant…but it couldn’t be more inevitable unless you’re from outer space. Sadly, death happens to us all, and often illness comes first. Be prepared for both. There is no avoiding what WILL happen, but it’s important to protect yourself and family BEFORE it happens.
  • We talk ourselves into believing that it’s not affordable…yet a $300 concert ticket or $500 car note is affordable. We don’t know what we don’t know (and “can’t afford”) until we ask AND rethink our priorities.
  • We place greater value on other financial commitments. Unfortunately, a premature death or serious illness can wipe out all that you’ve worked so hard for. Protect your family’s assets with life insurance. It’s like beautifully designing the interior of your home that sitting on a cracked foundation.
  • Insurance is complex. There is no doubt that it’s complex, which is why there are licensed agents (like myself) to help you. But “complexity” is not a good enough reason to avoid it. Imagine if you avoid every financial decision due to its complexity, including loans, lease agreements and so on. We live in a world where “legalese” is the norm.
  • You don’t trust insurance companies. Firstly, the insurance industry is highly regulated. Secondly, there is a key reason why insurance for anything exists – for protection. Take stock of the insurance you do have (mobile phone, home owners, car, rental, liability…). Life insurance has to be prioritized into the essentials of your life.

8 Reasons to Have Life Insurance

  • To cover your children’s expenses – both their day-to-day as well as their college education, if that is important to you.
  • To replace or supplement the surviving spouse or parent’s income, to maintain what’s important to your family’s quality of life and future.
  • To supplement your retirement income. Most Americans are poorly prepared for retirement. Some permanent policies are set up to send you a regular supplemental check, while also covering you with living and death benefits. I call explain if you book a complimentary discovery call with me.
  • To protect your family against a devastating illness or injury. Serious illnesses like cancer can financially bankrupt a family, not to mention taking into account the physical and emotional toll on loved ones.
  • To pay off debts, such as a mortgage. Imagine what would happen to your family home without your income. How would your family remain afloat or would there be major distress for your entire family?
  • How about a business partnership? Partners need to have insurance on one another, or risk being forced to sell the business, if a partner passes away. Would you have enough cash to buy out your partners’ interest from heirs?
  • To pay off estate taxes, to avoid having to put your retirement or other liquid assets on the line. Every state is different laws. PS – also check into getting a will and/or living trust, if you don’t have one already.
  • To cover the cost of the funeral and burial. Do you want to burden your family financially, when they are emotionally dealing with your passing?

As a motivational speaker and catalyst for women’s empowerment, Maria Dowd’s mission is to elevate women’s selfawareness and self-activism. Maria’s My Amazing LYFE lifestyle brand of enriching programs, tools and events, holistically and methodically advances women’s well-being, healing and transformation, including MyMoneyLYFE

Her life took a dramatic turn after a divorce in 2012, which was a huge wake-up call, as Maria—as so many women do—had fallen into the trappings of financial co-dependency. After a fateful conversation with a former colleague, Maria became a licensed insurance agent (in several states), gifted herself (she only had term prior), as well as her daughters and grandson with permanent life insurance policies (in lieu of holiday and birthday gifts), and made a commitment to help as many families as possible understand the importance of life insurance and how it may be leveraged to build inter-generational legacies of wealth.

Maria is a native Californian, mom to two daughters, and “Mimi” to her 5-year-old grandson. She enjoys travel, Zumba, independent films and thrift shopping.